Apr. 10th, 2011

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Hello! Still there, are you?

Well, I'm sorry I haven't been around. I've been trying to deal with school and interning and job searching. Anyone know of any library jobs out there? Drop me a line!

Graduation is looming on the horizon, and I'm ready for it. I'm terrified beyond words, but I'm ready. A year ago, I was watching my friends get ready for graduation and I was scared witless and shitless. I'm still scared, but I feel prepared. I've got a good support network, although no job, and I'm ready to jump in with both feet. And I figured I may as well take this attitude with it, because it's going to come whether I'm prepared or not.

I also have plans to get a tattoo to commemorate graduating college. It's something I've been mulling over for a few months now, and I'm still enamored with the idea. It will encapsulate my love of Harry Potter and the last step in my schooling all in one fell swoop. I grew up with Harry, literally. I was ten when I read the first book and I'm 23 now. I read every book, every word, watched every money, caught hell in junior high for wearing t-shirts proclaiming my nerditude, and here I am, 13 years later, waiting on the last movie to come out. I've laughed and cried with these characters, fictional though they may be.

I'm still hammering out a design for the tattoo in my head and I haven't decided where I want to get it. But I know it's going to be two words.

Just two.

Mischief managed.


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